Lincoln Green

I’m off to Lincoln for a few days in a couple of months, and I think the only beer I’ve drunk from the county is Batemans. This seems to be the dominant brewer in the area; Poachers and Cathedral Heights are also local, so I hope I can find those.

  • 8 Sail (Sleaford, 2010)
  • Austendyke (Spalding, 2012)
  • Axholme (Scunthorpe, 2012)
  • Bacchus (Mablethorpe, 2010, brewpub)
  • Batemans (Wainfleet, Skegness, 1874)
  • Blue Bell (Spalding, 1998)
  • Blue Cow (Grantham, 1997)
  • Brewsters (Grantham, 1998)
  • Cathedral Heights (Lincoln, 2011)
  • DarkTribe (Scunthorpe, 1996, brewpub)
  • Fulstow (Louth, 2004)
  • Grafters (Gainsborough, 2007, brewpub)
  • Hopshackle (Peterborough, 2006)
  • Leila Cottage (Skegness, 2007, brewpub)
  • Malt B (Alford, brewpub)
  • Newby Wyke (Grantham, 1998)
  • Oldershaw (Grantham, 1997)
  • Poachers (Lincoln, 2001)
  • Riverside (Skegness, 2003)
  • Sleaford (Sleaford, 2010)
  • Swaton (Sleaford, 2007)
  • Tom Wood’s (Barnetby, 1995)
  • Two Halves (Market Deeping, 2004, not in full production)
  • Willys (Cleethorpes, 1989, brewpub)

London Desperation

I’ve found half a dozen interesting pubs in London, mostly in the King’s Cross area, a couple London Bridge, but I’ve hit the probably-need-something-for-the-journey-home stage of incipient alcoholism. There’s Sourced Market at St Pancras and Uto Beer at Borough Market, but neither are convenient for central London if I’m wandering around Oxford Street. There must be other places to buy bottled beer, right?

Waitrose seems to have a local beer – so there’s Meantime – and you’d think the food halls of Selfridges or Fortnum and Mason would help. A couple of Camden Town ales and something new that I forget right now (Rocky Head Pale Ale) in the former, and what I bought didn’t have a bar code so led to all kinds of till chaos.

So, off licenses. Yesterday I dropped into about twenty of them, or food and wine shops, and the selection is generally Hobgoblin, Badger, Newcastle Brown, Spitfire, Brakspear Oxford Gold and that’s about it. Three food and wine shops in a row, exactly the same stock. Wines from all over the world, but no local beer. Last week I found a whole shop devoted to Adnams, but I’ve yet to find anything within, say, the Circle Line. More research is needed, but I know a lot of the brewers in London do sell bottles.

There’s an old Time Out listing – but, again, none of these are central. Am I missing anywhere – aside from buying a take out at a pub itself (a Partizan Pale Ale from new brewery Partizan with citra, pacific jade and cascade hops, and very nice, too, since you ask)? Or are the economics of central London such that its own heritage is not available?