London’s Barrelling

Of course, defining London gets difficult – including Croydon may well be stretching a point, but one of them call themselves South London. A lot of these I know from bottles at St Pancras. It’s likely to be out of date almost immediately – I found it hard to track down start dates for some of these and webpages for others. Tracking down the actual beer will be a helluva day out – a trip to Hackney seems in order.

  • Beavertown, London, N1 5AA. (2011). Associated with brewpub, Duke’s Brew and Que. Had a couple of nice bottles; love their design.
  • The Botanist, Kew Gardens, Richmond, London Brewpub.
  • Brew By Numbers, 66 Southwark Bridge Road, London. (2012). Microbrewery, only seen bottles.
  • Brew Wharf, Borough Market, London Bridge, London. (2005). Brewpub.
  • Brodies, London.  (2008). Brewpub is King William IV, Leyton also Old Coffee House, Soho.
  • Brupond, Leyton, London. (2012).
  • By The Horns, Wandsworth, London. (2011).
  • Camden Town, London. (2006). Tried some of their bottles; I think I’ve had keg.
  • Clarence & Fredericks, Croydon. (2012). Croydon, of course.
  • Crate, Hackney Wick, London (2012). Brewpub. Or brewpizzeria.
  • The Cronx Brewery. (2012). Croydon, so Surrey if we’re being pedantic.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge, London. Brewpub. 320 Goldhawk Road, London, W6 0XF. Lager?
  • East London, London, E10 (2011). Had a couple of these; very nice.
  • Florence, Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London. Brewpub, The Florence. Also A Head In A Hat?
  • Fuller’s, London. (1699). One should possibly boycott them on grounds of their support for austerity measures.
  • Hackney, East London. (2011).
  • Hewitt’s, Croydon. (2011).
  • Howling Hops, London. Brewpub, Cock Tavern, 315 Mare Street, London, E8 1EJ.
  • Lamb, London. Brewpub, 9 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London, W4 4PH
  • Late Knights, Penge. (2012).
  • Little Brew, Camden, London. (2012)
  • London Brewing Co., 13 North Hill, London, N6. Brewpub, The Bull, Highgate.
  • London Fields, London. (2011). Had a bottle.
  • McLaughlins Horseshoe, London. (2006). Brewpub 28 Heath St, Hampstead; main brewing is with Camden Town.
  • Meantime, London. (2000). Enjoyed some bottles. Various pubs, including Greenwich
  • Moncada, London, W10. (2011)
  • Partizan, London. (2012). Had a great bottle.
  • Portobello Brewing Co., Kensington. (2012). Really enjoyed their pale ale. Want more.
  • Pressure Drop, Stoke Newington.
  • Redchurch, London, E2. Bottles. Also Redchurch Brewery Tap Room, 275-276 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2.
  • Redemption, London. (2010). Had a couple of nice pints.
  • Rocky Head, Wandsworth. (2013). Have a bottle as yet unopened. Dated 2012, mind.
  • Sambrooks, Battersea, London. (2008). Enjoyed a couple.
  • Tap East, London. Brewpub, Stratford Westfield. Enjoyed their stouts.
  • The Kernel, London. Some fantastic bottles.
  • Truman’s, London. (2010). Old name revived. Had an ok bottle.
  • Twickenham Fine Ales, Twickenham. (2004)
  • Zerodegrees, Blackheath, London. (2000). Brewpub with branches elsewhere. Lagery to my taste.

3 thoughts on “London’s Barrelling

  1. >including Croydon may well be stretching a point,
    Oi, Mate. It’s a *LONDON* borough you know. And C&F is a SE postcode so that’s proper London

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