That Time of Beer

I gather that today is National Beer Day. It seems to have been started or is being run by Jane Peyton, founder/principal of the School of Booze, whatever that is. There is an information pack and apparently at 12.15 there was a national cheers to beer. I didn’t hear it.

Apparently it is today because of the anniversary of Magna Carta and all that (although it is neither of the two truly memorable dates in history). And beer, apparently, is mentioned in the Magna Carter:

(35) There shall be standard measures of wine, ale, and corn (the London quarter), throughout the kingdom. There shall also be a standard width of dyed cloth, russet, and haberject, namely two ells within the selvedges. Weights are to be standardised similarly.

Pushing it, me thinks.

But maybe have a beer tonight, anyway.